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La couronne Waves

The Crown, Waves

In this article, I will explain what the crown is and help you find the right one for you. We start by understanding what a crown is, then we give you advice on how to choose it. Then, we explore the different styles of crowns… Ready to become a real Waveurs ?

What is the crown?

Have you ever noticed the natural crown we have around the middle of our scalp? It is often mistakenly confused with baldness, but do not panic, it is simply a natural whirlwind . When creating 360 Waves, we try to isolate the crown to obtain well-connected Waves and a more natural rendering. The crown is the real distinction between a guy who does Waves and a real Wavers!

How to find his crown?

You may have already started doing Waves and you haven't focused on your crown or you want to start but you don't know where it is, don't panic, I'll show you how to find it.

Crown Waves

Waves already started :

Take a comb and comb the back of your head a little in all directions until there is a place where your hair is parting. Indeed, our hair naturally grows in Swirl at this precise place. The crown may not be centered, it may be a little to the right or to the left.

Short Hair :

In this case it's very simple, you just have to find the little whirlpool that forms naturally. It can be clockwise or counterclockwise.

Different crown styles

Once you have found your crown, you will have to choose which style of crown you want. It is she who will give you the brushing direction for your angles.

Beehive :

This is the most complicated technique out of the 2 main ones that exists because you have to brush the hair of the crown in an unnatural direction. It will take a lot of discipline and tenacity to have a good result.

Little Tips:

  • Brush well from the crown outwards, the goal is to have the smallest possible crown.
  • Brush only the crown at the end of each session (10-15min)

Swirl :

The Swirl goes into a whirlwind, so you will have to brush in this way, dividing the crown by segment.

Swirl: The Swirl leaves by swirling, so you will have to brush in this way, dividing the crown by segment.

For the 180 Waves it's not really necessary to work on this crown, but if your degradation is low enough and your hair is long enough, feel free to try!

Accessories to have for your crown

To work this crown you will need some essential accessories.

Comb with tight teeth :

Before brushing your crown well, you will first have to comb it well to give the right direction to your Waves for brushing.

Wave Comb

A brush with a tip :

Whether for Beehives or Swirls, the tip will be really useful for brushing your crown in detail. If you don't have a brush with a tip, use the end of a regular brush.

Boar Bristle Brush

Little Tips:

  • You can initially apply a pomade, such as Sporting Waves, to help you discipline your crown by putting very little and only on your crown after combing. Once she is disciplined enough, go back to natural products.
  • When cutting Waves, always cut your crown 1-1.5 comb above the rest as it grows differently and slower than the rest of your hair.

Finally, you will absolutely need a quality Durag, preferably in Satin, to be able to keep your crown in perfect condition!

Durag Satin

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