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🫐 9 Tips for your Red Durag

1) Have good skin and hair hygiene , so avoid dirt and bacteria that can affect your scalp.

2) Avoid sharing your Red Durags with other people.

3) Do not put your Red Durag in the washing machine .

4) Wash your Durag Rouge by hand with a mild soap (I suggest using Marseille soap).

5) Occasionally use a little conditioner to keep the Durag soft .

6) Rinse and gently squeeze out excess water, air dry your Durag Rouge (never use a dryer).

7) Instead of throwing them in a drawer, hang your Red Durags on a drying rack to preserve their freshness .

8) Keep a secondary Red Durag just in case (dirty hair).

9) Know how to change them when it's time (usually when the holes start ).

🤔 Put on a Red Durag

1) First, choose a Red Durag that you like, in Satin or Velvet .

2) Place the Red Durag on your head with the cape at the back.

3) Pull the two strings of the Red Durag forward and cross them on your forehead.

4) Wrap the two strings around your head, crossing them at the back.

5) Bring the strings up to your head and tie a tight knot.

6) Finally, adjust the Red Durag so that it is well placed and pull on the cap.

Well, that's as simple as that ! If you want to learn more original techniques, take a safe look: How to put on a Durag? "3 Simple Methods"

🌊 Making Waves

1) Start by doing 2 shampoos to thoroughly clean your hair.

2) Apply a natural hair moisturizer and distribute it evenly throughout your hair.

3) Use a Hard Wave Brush to brush your hair in the desired direction, a good twenty minutes to create Waves. (Always the same direction)

4) Wrap your hair with a Waves Cap and a Red Durag and tighten well to maintain the shape of the Waves and to prevent it from unraveling while you sleep.

5) Leave your Red Man Durag in place for several hours, or even overnight.

6) Remove the White Satin Durag in the morning and use a softer boar bristle brush to brush your hair in the desired direction.

7) Apply an always natural hair oil or butter to add shine and maintain the shape of the Waves throughout the day.

✨ Red Durag Boon

- Beautifies hair texture

- For Style

- Hold your Braids, Waves, Locks…

- Protect your hair

- Absorbs breath during exercise

Find all these reasons in more detail on our blog article: Why put on a Durag? "7 Reasons to wear it"

👴🏾 The History of the Durag

1) It all starts in 1785, Louisiana - the "Tignon laws" oblige people of color to dress soberly and cover their hair to mark their inferiority.

2) Black women transform this fabric into a symbol of resistance and pride with patterns and bright colors.

3) The Durag evolves -maintains hairstyles, Waves- and becomes famous thanks to rappers and NBA stars like Allen Iverson.💯🏀

4) NFL and NBA banned the Durag in 2001 and 2005 for controversial reasons. Chanel adopted it in 2014 and then withdrew its products following accusations of cultural appropriation.

5/ Today, Rihanna and other stars proudly wear the Durag as a fashion accessory and cultural symbol. Available in many colours, prints and fabrics.

6/ Wavecheck: a movement born from the Waves, made using Durags, famous on social networks. 🌊✨

👌🏼 Choosing the Right Red Durag

- The fabric should be soft, comfortable and breathable , such as silk, satin, nylon, polyester and velvet.

- The size must be adapted to your head size for a perfect fit.

- The quality of the seam must be strong and resistant to avoid tearing or fraying.

- Style is important and Black Durags are available in an endless variety of styles, patterns and colors at Durag Drip!

👕 Tuning your Red Durag

The Red Durag can be worn with a variety of outfits for a trendy look. It can be teamed with a casual look with a red t-shirt and ripped jeans, with a dressy outfit with a black shirt and black pants, or with a sporty outfit with a black and/or white tracksuit and matching sneakers .

The Red Durag

Welcome to Durag Drip's Red Durag collection page! Here you will discover our selection of top quality Red Durags, the best on the market.

The Red Durag is a timeless fashion accessory that adds character and confidence to any outfit. We offer a wide range of red Durags, ranging from bright red to dark red, to suit all tastes and styles.

The red Durag can be a bold fashion accessory to wear, but it's easy to pair with other colors for a balanced look. It can be combined with classic colors such as black, white and gray for a more subtle look, or with more vibrant colors for a bolder look.

For an elegant and classy look, combine your red Durag with neutral colors such as beige, khaki or brown. For a bolder look, you can pair it with bright colors such as yellow, orange or purple.

Our Red Durags are made with quality fabrics . We are constantly looking for the perfect raw materials to maintain your haircut.

At Durag Drip quality will always be the priority for our customers.

Elastic, soft and very pleasant, an essential accessory for your Waves and Braids!

To be able to achieve beautiful Waves, you will absolutely need a brush to flatten them, take a look at our Wave Brushes .

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